SecureOrbit Labs, LLC

SecureOrbit Labs, based in San Antonio Texas, was founded by a successful group of entrepreneur engineers and business executives to create intellectual property used in targeting technologies and market opportunities across diverse industry segments. We maintain a close watch on emerging technologies and develop and maintain evolving business plans focused on technological commercialization.

Primarily, we focus on technology in the broadest sense of the word, from software and business processes, to human factors and communications. While we intimately understand technology, SecureOrbit Labs concentrates on the market and business implications of technology change, including cross-industry interactions. Our development methodology is designed to deliver the viable solution our clients require. All this is made possible by providing our engineering team with the resources to operate in a cross between a Start-up and "skunkworks" environment.

A skunkworks is a group who, in order to achieve unusual results, work on a project in a way that is outside the usual rules. A skunkworks is often a small team that assumes or is given responsibility for developing something in a short time with minimal management constraints. A skunkworks is usually used to spearhead a product design that thereafter will be developed according to the usual process.

Secondly, we emphasize the future. The ever-increasing rate of technical advance means our client’s organization and business models must be able to look beyond current technologies to the next generation, and to the generation that follows. This ability of seeing beyond the horizon permits smooth transitions from the present to the next technology wave and to the more distant future.

SecureOrbit Labs assists our customers in both discerning future trends and pivotal events in order to operate successfully in an ever more turbulent and demanding future.

SecureOrbit provides access to an external source of cross-discipline business and engineering personnel. Our Labs provide facilities to evaluate third-party products, competing technology, and potential technology and market opportunities. In addition, our staff is closely allied with a wide variety of security individuals and organizations with whom we have coordinated and cooperated in the past. This provides us with a strong knowledge and experience base outside our own organization that can benefit our clients.