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Armida Technologies has created the first wireless surveillance system to dramatically improve video quality over 802.11 networks, providing the infrastructure for a unified surveillance and security network.

High quality video from a wireless surveillance network

No need to sacrifice image quality for the convenience of wireless – the ArmidaWare™ product suite eliminates the need to choose between the low-quality images provided by traditional wireless networks, and the expensive installation required to achieve higher-quality images using analog or wired IP solutions. ArmidaWare solutions bring together existing cameras and other equipment such as alarm panels, access control, and fire detection systems, unifying these individual components into a single, easy-to-manage wireless security network. And, Armida's proprietary Wireless Adaptive Video Encoding™ (WAVE) technology ensures forensic-quality video, regardless of network conditions.

Simple Setup and Management

Because Armida's network is wireless, installation and upgrades are no problem. The entire ArmidaWare product suite can be deployed, configured, and operational within a few hours. ArmidaWare integrates easily with existing network equipment and provides a single point of control for all wireless surveillance equipment in the system. With ArmidaWare, authorized personnel can manage the surveillance system from one central command center – or they can view and control the system from anywhere on the Internet. ArmidaWare also delivers a reliable wireless communications platform for other security devices, such as access control, alarm, and fire detection devices, regardless of manufacturer.

Flexible, reliable, and still affordable.

ArmidaWare solutions combine the convenience of wireless, the quality of cable, and a price lower than traditional systems of either type. WAVE technology ensures optimal network reliability, and Armida’s software-centric, modular solutions are designed for flexibility. ArmidaWare products save additional budget by extending the life and expanding the capabilities of current cameras and security systems, without multiple expensive adapters and without running cable. With minimal investment, you can convert a complicated, outdated network into a state-of-the-art, reliable, easily maintained surveillance system.


Leveraging the convergence of IT and security technology, Armida Technologies has created the first system to overcome the limitations of wireless IP networks for video transmission, providing forensic-quality images and intelligent video processing in surveillance applications. ArmidaWare™ security products combine the convenience of wireless networking and the quality of traditional cabled CCTV video, with a price lower than the traditional systems of either type.

The ArmidaWare product suite includes:


a wireless system controller that integrates wireless surveillance equipment with a reliable communications platform for other security devices, such as access control, alarm, and fire detection.

WAVEView Console and NVR Software

controls the system and records, displays, and stores video images.


Add remote cameras to Armida's Video-Aware wireless network.

Comprehensive, Rich Reporting

Although export options do exist, they are not required to turn the raw scan data into insightful depictions of security posture. Furthermore, the reports cover all levels of the organization, from high-level Executive Summary Reports to fully detailed Host- and Vulnerability-Level Reports that describe exactly how to fix security problems.

Each of these products incorporates Armida’s proprietary Wireless Adaptive Video Encoding™ (WAVE) technology to ensure quality wireless video transmission. Connect any camera, and you have a complete wireless video surveillance system, without all of the complex components required for traditional wireless systems. The entire ArmidaWare product suite can be deployed, configured, and operational within a few hours.

ArmidaWare’s simple architecture delivers forensic-quality video without the cost or installation hurdles of traditional wireless networks.

The ArmidaWare solution simplifies both the security and the network aspects of system installation, replacing multiple components with a single integrated wireless system controller, the SecurityController. ArmidaWare also enables re-deployment of existing, non-wireless cameras and security system components, extending the life of current investments.

Together with ArmidaWare WAVEView console and network video recorder (NVR) software and optional CameraControllers, SecurityController provides a complete foundation for your security needs.

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