J. Marc Enger



Mr. Enger has 36 years of experience in intelligence, computer software, systems development, system security and management. He has run organizations from 5 to 15,000 people with responsibility for budgets from the thousands to over 600 million.

For the past three years, he has been a founder and CEO of ThreatGuard Inc., a computer security company. Mr. Enger has been a jack of all trades that being the CEO of a startup requires. He has made the decisions on everything from intellectual property (three patents in the works) to the financial. He has taken ThreatGuard from an idea to a set of products with customers.

Prior to ThreatGuard, he was the Executive Vice President of Operations at Digital Defense for a year. At Digital Defense he set up processes and procedures for security consulting and support operations. He built the configuration control processes for the software development and testing. He built the technical requirements for the company business plan and hired and led a group of 20 technical security professionals.

At MITRE corporation, a federally funded research and development corporation, Mr Enger functioned as the Information Operations focal point for the Joint Staff, Intelligence agencies and the Unified commands. Information Operations were for offensive and defensive purposes. He led MITRE into business areas which they had not worked before. He led the adoption of new technologies to military problems for the restricted intelligence communities. As an acknowledged expert, he built and presented numerous briefings and papers to military leaders and at associated conferences.

Prior to the 18 months at MITRE, Mr. Enger spent 30 years in the US Air Force. He retired as the Director of Operations for the Air Intelligence Agency (AIA). He was responsible for directing and integrating AIA's worldwide, all-source intelligence and information warfare operations (offensive and defensive) which directly supported USAF, joint operations and national-level decision makers. He oversaw the activities and ensured the readiness of over 15,000 personnel located at over 100 locations, using assets valued at over a billion dollars. He directly managed a budget of over 11 million and a direct reporting staff of over 700. His responsibilities included all the command's worldwide critical command, control, communications and intelligence systems.

Before coming to San Antonio, Mr. Enger was stationed in Washington DC for three years, where he was the Director of Intelligence Systems for Air Force Intelligence. While there, he directed the planning and programming of 1.25 billion dollars and the direction execution of over 400 million annually. His unit was the executive agent for developing four systems for the entire DoD intelligence community. In one of those cases, his personal program management turned the critical combat support program around and got it back on schedule, cost and performance. Mr. Enger was the "AF expert" on intelligence systems and architectures and served as the AF representative on the DoD board to integrate services intelligence information exchange.

Prior to Washington DC, Mr. Enger was stationed in Omaha, Nebraska. for three years. While there, he provided policy guidance and oversight of general military intelligence production programs supporting the Strategic Air Command, other unified and specified commands and national community requirements. He managed the production and application of Target intelligence support to SAC military planning. He also was responsible for directing the production of mapping, charting and geodesy products. He also had the opportunity to lead the development of DESERT STORM B-52 Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) Cell. It was SAC;'s part in national BDA efforts led by the Defense Intelligence Agency. He also served as a squadron commander of 200 people who analyzed sensitive all-source intelligence. He was responsible for both command functions and execution of nationally assigned intelligence production. He was cited as the best of the five squadron commanders during his tenure.

In the years prior to 1989, he held numerous leadership and technical positions in intelligence, missile operations and strategic nuclear planning at progressively higher levels of management and leadership.

Mr. Enger has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Arts from UCLA in Los Angeles, California. In addition to the technical schools, the Air Force also sent him to the Air Command and Staff College at Air University in Montgomery, Alabama.